Division of Indian Work

About DIW

The Division of Indian Work (DIW) serves the social needs of urban American Indians while honoring cultural tradition. This is accomplished through advocacy, education, counseling and leadership development in a variety of ways:

  • By teaching positive parenting and promoting healthy families
  • By offering reduced-rent apartments to young parents who cannot find affordable housing
  • By working with individuals to end family violence
  • By operating the only culturally-sensitive food shelf in the west metro serving the urban American Indian community.
  • By offering youth mentoring, tutoring and a wide range of learning opportunities, from language to teen pregnancy prevention
  • By providing supportive homes for American Indian foster children

To rise above poverty, American Indian families living in the Twin Cities need a connection to their sacred cultural past. It is that link, combined with education, mentoring and support that will empower them to proudly claim their place in this world. The Division of Indian Work establishes that link with powerful results.

DIW in partnership with the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches.

DIW Basketball Tournament

A program of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches